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Started in 2017, Gravidi One Games is a small, independent gaming company specializing in Android/IOS mobile apps.  Our addicting games reach across a broad spectrum of categories from casual play to 3D titles.

Current Releases

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Current Games

Jewel Match 3 Pro

*Two modes of play: Endless Classic & Fast-Paced Arcade!

*Arcade mode features more than 290 challenging levels!

*Booster powerups can be created by combining Funny Jewels!

Space Jumper 3D

Space Jumper 3D

Jump through space in this brand-new colorful offering from Gravidi One Games!

*Multiple characters!

*Collectible skins for cubes and characters!

*Full 3D game with easy controls and addicting gameplay!

Ghost In the Jungle

 Try to reach the highest score and jump into the leaderboards. There are multiple ghost characters that you can start with. Your task is to get the ghost as far as possible into the jungle while you are avoiding obstacles. Are you ready to rise above your opponents in the leaderboards?  

Wall Bounce

Tap to bounce off the wall in this awesome game.

Bounce and avoid all colorful objects on your way.

Collect gems for score in game and unlocking new characters. 

Avoid Dot

 Avoid the Red Dot, collect the blue orbs, and cross that next line!

Enjoy the newest game from Gravidi One Games, an easy to play, hard to complete single tap thriller! 


 Meet Puzzlous! the exciting new offering from Gravidi One Games. Puzzlous! is your utlitmate Hex & Block freestyle game. Your task is simple - Fit the blocks on the grid to eliminate each row and column. 5 games in 1!

Houses of Horror Trivia

Houses of Horror Trivia - Horror Quiz

 Houses of Horror Trivia - the new quiz & guess the picture game from Gravidi One Games.

45 Quiztacular Levels, with new levels added every week! Do a simple check by clicking on the Levels button and game will automatically update with any new levels.

Faces of Horror Trivia

Faces of Horror Trivia - Horror Quiz

 Faces of Horror Trivia is a unique trivia game with 48+ levels that increase in difficulty as you progress through the game.

With every level, you will be given a picture of a face that is covered up with tiles. You will also be given a clue as to what monster face or horror character lies beneath. The fewer tiles you click, the more coins you will receive.  

Galaxy War

Galaxy War on Google Play

Gravidi One Games now brings you their newest title, Galaxy War!

Timing is everything in this war. Your mission is to collect as many stars as possible, while avoiding the obstacles. Level up your jet with stars, surround yourself with a shield, and fight to win! 

Fall Down

Fall Down on Google Play

This is a simple, but extremely fast-paced and addictive ball drop game. Touch the screen to control the ball speed; release and you will fall. Your score increases the further you are able to descend without hitting any of the obstacles. 

Gold Digger Ultimate

Gold Digger Ultimate - Gold Miner

In this epic game , you are a gold miner and your job is to mine gold, jewels and dynamite. Move side to side to find the largest nuggets and avoid the stone!

You will have a $ goal for every level....reach your goal and you will be able to continue your Gold Digging ways. You will be able to visit the shop after every successful level, where you can find a catalog of priceless items to help you in your quest.

Play Gold Digger Ultimate today!

Children of Horror Trivia

Children of Horror Trivia - Horror Quiz

Another in the horror series of quiz games by Gravidi One Games.  This game is slightly more difficult, as users must name the child from the depicted horror movie.

Dot In Night

Brand new game released on IOS & Android(coming soon!)  Extremely hard and addicting game with many challenging levels.

Endless Highway Traffic Racer

Horror Wordsearch Pro

Couple Dots by Drawing

Life! Water Puzzle

Desert Zigzag Bus Racer

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